Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Programming World Greets Me

So, after years and years of my dad trying to convince me to start programming, I've finally decided to start. He's a computer programmer for a living, and sees immense benefit for me to start getting into it. mainly the positive factors being the numerous new opportunities it provides and undiscovered regions it contains.

I'm learning C# so far. The "C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners" on Microsoft Virtual Academy is really helping me get there. haha. Easy step-by-step from the ground up videos beautifully set up for the public to watch. I love the internet! XD Hoping to later begin to learn basic application building from there.

This is something I'm really serious about doing though! Haha, unlike before when I said I'd inspiringly learn the piano or violin or something like that. I'm one hard to motivate. xD //shhh. The determination is set because I'm taking a class basically for Intel STS at my school (the class is called Physical Science Research, but we hopefully lead into Intel. lol).

I haven't been blogging much, but maybe I'll start talking about my programming travels. haha.

So far, I've started on the first two videos of the C# Fundamentals (hopefully I'll get done with more tonight though >3<...). AND IT'S SO FRUSTTRATING. LOL. The second video starts to actually begin the coding stuff of C#, by teaching to first work with the Notepad to make "Hello World" pop up. I followed everything the guy said, and it didn't work for some reason. I don't know why, and I became enraged. I'm going to try until it works! My dad tried to make me feel better by saying using Notepad is harder than using an actual program thing (don't know terms yet, so I'll be saying "thing" a lot in the beginning xD...). BUT I DONT CARE. If someone else can do it, I want to as well! lol plus, school computers have Notepad, so I want to be able to figure it out. I have access to a computer during like three periods of the day. haha. Not only am I taking a Physical Science Research course, but a computer science one as well. (and chemistry. why the fawk am I taking three sciences as a sophomore? idk. I'm crazy lol). Anyways, tonight I'm going to try again.

I tried doing it on the Visual Studio (this program thing from Microsoft) as well, but it turned out I got the web edition when I was supposed to get the desktop version. (ehehh ^^;;). so I got frustrated with that too, and didn't make much progress. LOL I thought I was just dumb, and programming didn't like me because I couldn't make it do the simplest thing of saying "Hello World". sigh.

I'm going to figure it out tonight, and post some more ;w;. because I want it to say Hello to meeeee.


  1. Hello dearest~ I haven't spoken to you in the longest, unfortunately :<
    But I was looking up some stuff from the past and I couldn't help but check up on you again. I hope you're doing wonderfully fine, love?
    The fact that I understood virtually nothing in that post lets me know you're doing exceptionally well ^_^ Good luck!!!

    Lots of love,
    an old friend :)

    1. "Old friend",

      I've changed and grew a lot :'D and stayed the same in many ways.
      And yes, I'm doing wonderfully fineeee.

      I'm not quite sure who you are, but I'm guessing Eva-chan? XD

    2. *le gasp!*
      Aw, shucks~ And I was trying to act all mature and nostalgic-like~
      Was it that obvious? :P

  2. I don't know how else I should reach you, Hun, so I'm telling you here :D happy birthday, baby ;) I hope it's wonderful and sock puppet-less *hugs*

    1. kyaaaa ;A;

      I'm so sorry that we haven't spoken in a long time! so busy I haven't even had time to talk with myself!

      we should start talking again D: how to contact you?!

      and tytytyyy for telling me happy birthday ;w; <3 <3 <3
      it was very verrry sock puppet-less. thank god. LOL.

    2. XD i would love love loooooove~~~~ to talk to you again :D email, imessage, whatever works xD


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