Friday, August 30, 2013

Easy to Win. Hard to Keep.

My heart will instantly swoon for any guy for any one of the reasons below:
  1. Laughs at my jokes.
  2. Compliments me in anything (appearance, wits, ability, etc.)
  3. Pretends that he cares when I ramble on (about things like my love for bakery goods).
  4. Has nice, warm, big hugs!
  5. Can smolder like Flynn Rider from Tangled. XD LOL.
  6. Makes me laugh three times in one sentence.
  7. Dresses stylishly. B-)
  8. Brings me into daring, spontaneous situations (that doesn't kill me and are fun).
  9. Spams corny lines at me.
  10. Attempts to catch fuzzies on the street. ♥
  11. Loves children.
  12. Can match my witty, sassy remarks. But still lets me win.
  13. Has gorgeous hair ;w;
  14. Has green eyes
  15. Is positive and outgoing :D
LOL. Nairb has like 10 of the 15 :) ....unsure about number 5. so its 10 or 11. XD. But that's more than 60%, so that's why he's my boyfriend~. (66%, but shhh). hehee.

Buuut, although I fall in love easily, it's really super duper difficult for me to stay in love with someone. particularly boys. LOL I can lovee any guurl forevs. Only reason why I'd stop is if she backstabbed me or took my last cookie. It's hard for me to continuously love a guy for a long time is because one little thing can make me wanna just drop them like nothing. It could be because I got bored~ or something about them totally went against my principles or I found an annoying trait I just can't stand. I can fall for you easy, and I can stand back up easy.

Keeping Emiko goes as follows:
  1. Surprise me. Be spontaneous. Become too predictable, and it's an O-U-T.
  2. Keep my confidence level up. LOL Make me feel like shit, and I'm out the door.
  3. Don't be too much smarter than me. Don't be too much dumber than me.
  4. Work like you have to win me over everyday. LOL I like feeling special. xD
  5. Be as loyal as I am to you :O
  6. Always compete to love me more than I do you.
  7. Pay attention. Listen. Remember what I tell you. I feel like I'm talking to bricks if you forget.
  8. Talk to me when I'm mad. Talk to me when you think I might be mad (because I probably am).
I'm pretty sure there's more, but I can't think of any.

I've only had 2 (official) relationships so far. Second one is going pretty awesome. Dun wanna say how many Nairb has on the "ways to keep me" list, but he's doing a great job at it. I've learned a few rules along the way though.
  •  Cut off date is two months. Plenty of time to get to know someone. Feeling half-assed at two months? Then it's not worth my time.
  • Wait at least two weeks before kissing the guy :o because kissing anywhere in between that time, the relationship is totally going to be physical base. I personally want something meaningful. a mix of passion and compassion.
  • If he loves saying your name all the time, whenever he can, then he's gonna be special.
This is all in my opinion, of course.
I still don't know much because not many of my friends have experienced relationships. It's all information gathered from my own experience. lol. disclaimer.

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