Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Gems

The sound of morning music awakes me from peaceful slumber. Great determination removes me from the soft covers of dreams. With the help of an energy boaster (coffee xD), I prepare myself to go to school. On the way there, what a journey it is! The people I see. The troubles I face. Surprises meet me around every corner. And a surprise I also am for the other travelers like me. At school I am, ten minutes 'till the bell. Up the mountainous stairs (uhg!). But what awaits me are gems with smiles so great :'). Ding. Ding. Ding. Classes begin, and another tired day I suffer through. I can't wait to go home. But those moments with my gems makes me want to start the cycle again. ♥

All that's major in my life right now is high school, so that's what I'll talk about. lol. Everyday, I feel myself growing, becoming mature, and experiencing life. It's kinda freaky, but I enjoy it though. The ride on the subway every morning and afternoon. My teachers and classes. The activities and opportunities. I especially like the environment. Everyone there is amazing (well, for the most part :P).
I always get a good feeling whenever I climb those three flights of killer stairs knowing that I'll see my friends waiting for me near my classroom. And when I do arrive, all five/six of them smile at my appearance at the same time and greet me. I feel so special ;w;. lol it's really a sight to see a bunch of people smile at once xD.
I feel like I can relate to the people in Bronx Science really easily. A quarter of them are anime fans. Another quarter are geeks (either whovians or potterheads or both). And the third are both anime fans and geeks!  the last quarter are the borning bunch who just study xD. I'm friends with one of that last quarter, but she's cool, so she's excused :P.
My teachers are great... although I sleep in like half my classes >___>. And it upsets my friend that I never get caught. LOL. But don't worry folks! My grades are beautiful ^__^. ... except in biology. //sob. I suck in that class. I want to blame my teacher though. She talks to fast, writes scribble on the board, and can't spell for life. I swear, I'm probably studying inncorrect notes right now! I don't have it that bad though. There's some teachers who have heavy accents and speak in their native tongue at random moments; confusing everyone. xD.
The subway rides to school and back are always fun. I mean who doesn't love being squished into small spaces and surrounded by brutal New Yorkers? xP. Haha, nah, most of the time everything is alright. I get to enjoy free entertainment, people watching, thinking time, and great views (of cuties on the train ♥).
In my thinking time, I commonly only like to think of my happy moments though. And so, I end up smiling like an awkward idiot on the train xD. Haha, but New Yorkers are like trained to ignore weirdos, so I'm safe =w=b. Those happy thoughts could be total killer though! One time, I was happily reminicing in a memory I had of my little brother, and I started crying! My dad told me that with my in high school, I'll be spending less time with my little siblings and family. When I thought about missing out on the growth of my siblings and the events with my family, I started to tear up a bit ;A;. //stupid female hormones xP.

Despite all the new friends I'm making, I find myself deeply missing my friends from middle school too. I'm glad that I still see a few in my high school. And sometimes, I get to see Pari-chan on the subway in the morning :D !! I talk to Rin-chan too. I miss Luka-chan the most though since I don't really see or talk to her anymore. I miss her pink hair and wild personality. ;A;.

So high school has its ups and downs. A lot of the time, it feels like I'm mostly experiencing the "downs", but on those days when things are better, everything seems a little more worth it :)


  1. your life sounds pretty fun.
    I started watching Doctor Who a while ago, and I love it! I don't have anyone to obsess over it with. Speaking of obsessing over with stuff, I don't have anyone to obsess over Hetalia with either; except for my friends on Tumblr.
    I feel like I have no life anymore. I'm either on Tumblr, or doing homework and projects and school-related stuff and worrying about the fact that I have to run 2 miles some time during the week every week. I miss you guys ;n;

  2. XD LOL Emiko. Is bio really that hard with that teach? XD
    P.S. Katrina, I met another Hetalia fan ;D


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