Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review(ish): Internship Movie

Watched the movie the Internship. starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.
It's starts off with these two salesmen losing their jobs. They find themselves in a summer internship program with Google. The internship program is filled with brilliant young adolescents, all with skills in technology and things of the sort. However, these two men are of a quite older audience, and have trouble connecting with the other interns as there is a clash of old and new. The movie continues to show their struggle, and how they attempt to overcome them.

In my opinion, it was pretty good ^o^.
I mean how much you enjoy the movie probably depends on your sense of humor. I watched it with Narib and Chouchou. For me, there were some parts that I couldn't stop laughing at! But these same parts didn't even crack a smile on Chouchou. Vice versa happened as well. Chouchou would sometimes be rocking in the movie theater seat bursting, and I didn't feel as though the same part was that funny. At those times, I was just laughing at how funny his reaction was XD. It's good to watch it with friends, you kind of get to know them. Nairb and I laughed at the same things.

For the characters, I really liked the female character in the movie. She was so COOL. >w<. All the inters were these very smart kids who had all these crazy skills, but they either had problems or were super snobby. But the girl intern was very relatable for me! She talked about cosplay, anime, fanfiction, made a yaoi-ish reference, and even mentioned hentai. Like I don't read hentai, but I find it incredibly funny that they mentioned it XD. It was just like OMGS~ seeing her. I mean, usually this kind of character in a movie would be a geeky-boy into comic books. This time it was a girl into anime and fanfiction with cool shoes >w<.

The lesson of the movie was pretty straightforward. Everyone has their own skills and things that make them special. Don't give up on a dream, no matter how unlikely it may seem. Try your best and stick to what you believe in. I found 'don't be an asshole" to be a very strongly expressed lesson XD.

Inspired thought into me as it talked about how many kids these days can have the best education and still not be guaranteed a job. I wonder what I'm going to do... :P

Overall, I liked it. The plot was able to surprise me. It seemed predictable at first, but they have a few tricks up their sleeves. And it really causes you to get attached to the characters, and the events in the movie. I enjoyed it :)

(Spoiler) Favorite part is when the Asian guy gets drunk. looked like he was about to go super saiyan XD.

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